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Boost Pipe + Charge Pipe for BMW F30 (B58)


  • New in box
  • Aluminum boost pipe with kits.
  • Design for specific vechicle model, and engine type.
  • Include whole package of upgrade kits.



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  • 1. Package inlcudes: Charge pipe, boost pipe and accessories.
  • 2. Item condition: New
  • 3. Color(s): Black
  • 4. Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • 5. Installation: Direct replacement of OEM pipes. Professional assist required.
  • 6. Warranty: None, except for manufacturing defect.
  • 7. Product features:
  • (1) 3 inch caliber, Mandrel-Bent, smooth interior. Reduce turbulence and maximize the flow into the engine.
  • (2) Replace the OEM plastic pipes which are prone to breaking under high boost.
  • (3) Increase throttle response. Decrease turbo lag.
  • (4) Multi-layered reinforced silicone couplers for durability and weather resistance.



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